Drivers Blame For Alarming Rate Of Road Accidents – CEO

Drivers Blame For Alarming Rate Of Road Accidents – CEO


The Chief Executive Officer of Pab Intelligent Driving School, Mr Felemon Dua Adjei, has attributed rampant road accidents, largely, to indiscipline on the part of drivers. He has therefore called for a sustainable coordinated effort by stakeholders to address the menace.

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Speaking in an interview with Asona Dehyie Kwateng, Mr Felemon Dua noted that while human errors have largely been blamed for the high numbers of road traffic accidents recorded in the country, the absence of requisite road infrastructure to aid safe travels has been a contributory factor too.

According to him, Ghana loses over 230 million dollars annually due to road crashes. the leading cause of deaths among Ghanaians.

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Poor driving skills, gross indiscipline by drivers and unworthiness of cars on Ghanaian roads, could be blamed for the unfortunate incidences.

Mr Felemon advised road users especially drivers to ensure discipline on the road to avoid loss of lives.

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“It is also a human issue, people seem to believe is a spirit but if you have that faith by the time you will realise you are dead,” he said.

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