Pope Skinny Pleads With Shatta Wale To Be Friends Again.

Pope Skinny Pleads With Shatta Wale To Be Friends Again.

‘Wale, let us forget everything, the way we were was admired by many, what one person has said or not said does not matter, if within your heart you believe I have not done anything bad against you, I feel the same way. Let’s cut things short and go back to being friends,” Pope Skinny said.

Pope Skinny, a Ghanaian rapper, has pleaded with Shatta Wale, his former closest friend, to leave let sleeping dogs lie so they can re-unite and give their friendship another shot, forgetting about their dispute from a few months ago.


The two close friends had a misunderstanding after Shatta announced on his Facebook page that he does not approve of certain of Pope Skinny’s and the other members of the Shatta Movement family’s actions and that they are no longer on his team.


After reading the post on Facebook, Pope Skinny became enraged and revealed some previously unknown Shatta secrets.

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Despite the fact that this has been going on for quite some time, the former Adom FM ‘Kasahare’ show host has now launched a move to bring peace among them.

In a recent interview, Pope Skinny begged Shatta Wale to forgive everything that happened during their feud so that they may reconnect and become friends again since people admired how they were.

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